Any attempt to stop the settlement without making the proposed preliminary investigation would be an irresponsible gamble. Since I have witnessed many gambles of this kind I can state from personal experience that the savings associate with inadequate preliminary investigations are entirely out of proportion to the financial risks.”
  Karl Terzagi
President Message
New Delhi
20th July 2013
I am pleased to launch the webpage exclusively for Journal of Engineering Geology. The initative for this endeavour was taken by the Editor and due to untiring efforts by the editorial team the webpage has seen light of the day. Since the new team has taken over office in January 2013 many changes have been brought to make the society more dynamic and interactive. The revamping of the main website of the society and launch of this sister website are amongst the series of endeavours we have planned for ISEG. The Journal is also being revamped and is being made Biannual from 2013 July issue. We shall be grateful if the scientists, researchers, teachers and professionals contribute to the
growth of the Journal by submitting high quality papers.

I congratulate the Editor and his team for this achievement and the entire council for their encouragement and advice. Moreover, without the cooperation and succour from the Secretary and the Treasurer this would not have been possible.

I would once again appeal to organisations engaged in infrastructure projects or educational and research institutions related with engineering geology or geotechnology or environmental engineering or science to come forward and give advertisements which will now be displayed in both the websites as well as in newsletter for a period of five years at a nominal charge of Rs 20,000/-
IIT-Delhi, New Delhi